Powered Roller Conveyors

Powered Roller Conveyor (also called live roller) uses powered rollers to convey the load. Motorized or powered roller conveyors are perfect for large zone controlled systems in assembly lines or unit handling of pallets and cases. Powered roller Conveyors are used to transport product by means of a moving belt or powered rollers. Powered Roller Conveyors are ideal for high volume environments. With a robust construction, these expandable motor powered roller conveyors provide cost effective conveying solutions. They are easy and quick to manoeuvre in or out of trucks for more efficient, safer, easier loading and unloading. Motor power reduces manpower requirement and help you to reduce vehicle turnaround time and thereby increase productivity.

Powered Roller Conveyor systems are ideal for moving bulky and heavy packages, such as palletised goods.

FAST Powered Roller Conveyors are available in slider bed and roller bed configurations. FAST offers a modular conveyor system utilizing a AC motorized drive with a roller where adjacent rollers are slave-driven from it using chains, timing belts or O-belts. Low weight loads to heavy weight loads can be moved with these clean and efficient motorized roller systems.