Free Roller Conveyors

The Free/Gravity Roller Conveyor is the most basic roller conveyor. Non-powered roller gravity conveyors are the most economical and common method of conveying unit loads. Free Roller Conveyors are ideal for application that require an economical, non-powered means for transporting materials. The conveyors are typically mounted on a slight decline angle, therefore using gravity to assist product movement, especially for long distances. They can also be used in applications where the conveyor is level and operators can push the product along to its final destination, allowing for multiple workstations, if needed.  They are typically used to move boxes, totes and cartons for assembly, shipping, loading and unloading and order picking.

FAST Free Roller Conveyors System supplies offer a broad range of light, medium and heavy duty straight roller conveyor models to accommodate any application. FAST customized Free Roller Conveyors comes in various options from different roller diameters to materials used such as steel, BZP steel, plastic and stainless according to the requirement. A variety of frame and finish options are also available in steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Stand systems are also available for all roller conveyors offered by FAST.