Loading Unloading Conveyors

Loading/Unloading Conveyors are used to load or unload different type of vehicles in different type of locations. It enables operators to work at a constant and continuous rate. These conveyors require very little space and can be easily moved to any location. Height can be adjusted through mechanical screw system or hydraulic system. FAST builds loading or unloading conveyors depending on the requirement or purpose.  FAST conveyor system provides a constant flow of products to the sorting machine to make the whole process extremely efficient. Conventional loading or unloading of products is labour oriented and is often an ergonomically responsible process.


FAST loading/unloading conveyors are automated and comply with health and safety legislation. FAST conveyor systems are designed to be clean, grease free and maintenance friendly.


Key features:

  • Economic
  • Less manpower requirement
  • Faster Loading and Unloading
  • Prevents damage to goods as handling will be systematic
  • Reduce risk of workplace injury
  • Improved forklift utilisation
  • Increased safety and efficiency in and around the loading dock area
  • Time saving