Assembly Line Conveyors

Assembly Line Conveyors are used for Inline systematic assembly / process of components. An assembly line system is a series of standard conveyors with custom features and options to suit the application. FAST assembly line conveyor systems are custom made and is completely based on the application’s requirement. It is designed to successfully complete the task required in assembly line, such as the no. of operations, time cycle for each operation etc. Assembly Line Conveyors are specifically designed to cater to the needs of diverse industries like pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing, cosmetic collating, automotive or assembly applications. It features improved motion control, speed and robotic controls capable of inspecting, placing or rejecting the products at any stage of operation. 


FAST also offers overhead assembly line conveyors to deliver parts to make the process efficient, time saving, space saving, and cost-effective alternative to manual delivery. FAST overhead assembly conveyor system, often interfaced with a floor belt conveyor, can send a continuous supply of parts to a single or multiple points in the assembly line. With automation controls, products can be indexed at variable speeds to different cells or to allow line workers to control the pace for maximum efficiency depending on complexity of the assembly. After unloading product hooks, the carriers can auto-return to specific load locations to be replenished.


Key features:

  • Efficient, economical solution to deliver parts to assembly cells
  • Space-saving design uses inclines and curves to move products efficiently
  • Reliable low-maintenance systems
  • Continuous or variable delivery of parts with automated controls
  • Interfaces with floor assembly line conveyors
  • Reduces cost and labour
  • Custom designed carriers