Inspection Conveyors

Inspection conveyors are used where manual and visual scanning for imperfections or for sorting is needed. Belt Inspection Conveyors do use a durable belt conveyor instead of rollers. Belt Inspection conveyors are often used in fresh vegetables or general material industry, to grade prior to polishing, washing or packing. The conveyor lifts the products to the height of the hopper for inspection. Waste sorting chutes are provided along one or both sides of the conveyor to remove the waste or graded produce. Additional conveyors can be added underneath the table to transport this waste or graded produce to bins or other processing equipment in line. FAST customized Inspection Conveyors are designed & built at any height required by the customer for their specific purpose.


FAST Inspection conveyors are available with wire or solid top belt, telescopic leg length, casters and optional speed drive.

The inspection conveyor is custom made according to:

  • The number of people needed for the inspection
  • The product that is inspected
  • Floor frame