Inclined Belt Conveyors

Inclined belt conveyors are used to transport products from one elevation to another elevation. It is used to transport a product to a different level in the same floor or to a different floor. Inclined belt conveyors are virtually the same as the flat belt conveyor, however, they are designed to carry the product up or down an incline. Generally, these conveyors incorporate either grip top belt or flights to make sure the product gets to the top of the incline. They also incorporate polyurethane profiles welded to the underside, these run within guides in the skid base to ensure that the belt stays constantly on track.


FAST inclined belt conveyor is available in Steel, SS or Aluminium. Frame/ Structure is also selected as per application and requirement. FAST builds customized inclined belt conveyors.


Key Features

  • Available in Powder Coated Steel, Aluminium and Stainless steel.
  • Pharmaceutical and food grade materialsare available as per customer’s requirement
  • Simple and robust construction
  • Available in all widths and lengths as per customer’s specification
  • Available for all loads and product configurations from light weight mouldings to heavy weight mouldings
  • Swan neck conveyors are available for any length specified
  • Many drive configurations including shaft mounted motor, motorised drive drum and under slung drives are available
  • Available in many belt types and colours, also including PU, PVC, Cut proof, Grip top, corrugated side wall, Lifters (pitch and height options) FDA approved food grade, low friction, etc.

Accessories include many control options, load hoppers, large range of guide systems, supports, etc.