Continuous Discharge Bucket Elevators

Continuous bucket elevators operate at a low speed with closely spaced buckets compared to centrifugal bucket elevators. This action permits material flow over the backside of the preceding bucket. Additionally, extended sides on the buckets gently guide material into the discharge spout. These modifications create an ideal environment for fragile, abrasive, and sluggish materials. Benefits include limited material aeration, minimized breakage of friable material, and minimized product damage of fragile material.

Continuous bucket elevators are available with a belt, single chain or double chain.

In addition to varying configuration options, there are also a number of bucket options available, with material and elevator design being primary bucket selection criteria. FAST bucket elevator features include removable top covers, access doors for easy maintenance, and horizontally and vertically heavy-reinforced jig welded head, boot, and intermediate sections.

FAST Continuous Discharge Bucket Elevators are unique and offers a broad series of industrial elevator designs. FAST customized Continuous Discharge Bucket offers designs depending largely on the capacity requirements and the characteristics of the material to be handled. Buckets are available in plastic, malleable iron, and fabricated options.

FAST Continuous Discharge Elevators offered in chain or belt type design can handle a variety of free-flowing dry and sluggish, extremely abrasive materials with medium to large lump size.