Belt Conveyors

FAST is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Belt conveyors and offers a range of belt conveyors from miniature to heavy duty, which is wider in terms of options and attachments, than many other manufacturers or suppliers in India or abroad. FAST custom built/standard belt conveyors are of high quality and delivered in short period.

Highly reliable mini belt conveyors from FAST are available in a variety of options to give user a flexible package for small parts transfer in tight areas. FAST belt conveyors are also made according to the customer’s requirement and specification.

Small belt conveyors are used where the space is tight. FAST miniature conveyor belt systems built with slotted aluminium profile and belt tracking rollers are compact and economical. FAST aluminium profile miniature belt conveyors with t-slots are easy for mounting and positioning. 

FAST built versatile and extremely compact mini belt conveyors are used for small parts transport in automated machines with little conveyor space.

FAST medium or heavy profile belt conveyors are designed by experts and are used for diverse application and requirement. FAST manufactures modular belt conveyors, timing belt conveyors and pallet conveyor system, based on the requirement of customers. We design and manufacture customised conveyors with an array of side guides to help marshal your product in the correct direction. And the range of standard design stands and supports can help you to construct the perfect medium or heavy profile conveyor.


FAST Conveyor’s self-tracking belt technology ensures smooth product movements with the help of standard Geared motor or Drum roller drive. Conveyors belt can be on rollers, a link belt or slide bed.