Slat Conveyors

Slat Conveyors feature a solid belt made of adjoining platelets to provide an extremely strong and rigid surface, suitable for transporting heavy loads, hot, oily or abrasive 
material where rubber or canvas belt conveyors are impractical. Slat conveyors can be operated in extreme environment conditions where a conventional rubber or fabric belt conveyor cannot be operated. The Slat conveyors can be made of formed steel or structural steel. Slat Conveyors are known for long production life with the least amount of maintenance & repair. Slats are connected on two standards of chain by attachments. Slats can be removed or replaced easily. Slat conveyors can be used to transport light to heavy materials.

FAST custom made slat conveyor designs are determined by size, weight and properties of the product being conveyed. FAST Slat Conveyors offer a continuous moving surface to which clamping & fixtures can be provided to accommodate item. FAST slat conveyors are manufactured and designed using latest technologies.