Horizontal Belt Conveyors


Horizontal Belt conveyors are generally used to transport items with irregular bottom surface, small items that could fall between rollers or bags that may sag between rollers. Horizontal belt conveyors are used in manufacturing, distribution, product handling, and warehousing applications. Horizontal belt conveyors are used for sorting, packing, inspection, assembly line operations, testing, etc. Horizontal belt conveyors are used to transport small to heavy loads. Horizontal belt conveyor is one of the most popular conveyor types in use.

Conveyor belt slides across a solid metal frame with pulleys at either end.


FAST horizontal belt conveyors are available in Steel, SS and Aluminium. Frame/Structure is also selected as per application and requirement. FAST builds customized horizontal belt conveyors.


Key Features:

  • Available in Powder Coated Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel
  • Simple and robust construction
  • Available with all widths and lengths as per customer specification
  • Many drive configurations including shaft mounted motor, motorised drive drum and under slung drives are available as per customer’s requirements
  • Available in many Belt types and colours, also including PU, PVC, Cut proof, Grip top, corrugated side wall, food grade, low friction etc.
  • Accessories include many control options, large range of guide systems, supports etc.

Transfer systems include transfer plates and small diameter rollers to transfer products between conveyors